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Nkyinkyim Nose / Ear Cuff

Nkyinkyim Nose / Ear Cuff

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Nkyinkyim means adaptability and versatility.

For this Mangeusedherbe X Dear Katiopae capsule, we had mixed the various Indian, African and Amerindian influences which today constitute the West Indian culture which is Charlotte's.

Charlotte is a young woman of French and West Indian origins passionate about vegan cuisine, health and sustainability. Her connection to nature and respect for all living beings is her way of life. It is via Instagram that we virtually meet and fall in love with each other's universe, with the shared love of the transmission of Afro-descendant traditions. This collection is the fruit of our virtual friendship, but very real. As well as our desire to transmit in our own way, through our respective art, the Afro cultures.  

KARUKERADINKRA comes from the association of KARUKERA which is the original name of Guadeloupe and Adinkra which is a set of symbols from Ghana which inspired us for the creation of this collection.  

Material: bronze 

Dimensions: 1.5 cm

All our jewelry are nickel free.

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