Katiopa was the name of Africa in the Kongo kingdom before the colonialism occurred. Through our brand, we would like to change the narrative and tell the real stories of this amazing continent. 

We want to sublimate the unique beauty of each woman daily with elegant, delicate and minimalist African jewelry.

New collection

An Ode à la Femme Katiopae

An Ode à la Femme Katiopae

The cowrie shell describes the femme Katiopae and the waves that represent life journey. No... 

  • African Inspired

    We offer a variety of handmade African jewellery. We offer pieces that are unique and affordable. We have everything from earrings to bracelets to pendants. We offer African jewellery that is perfect for you to express your roots and cutlure.

  • Custom Made

    Your next accessory? Custom made jewellery! Choose from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Find your style with a vast selection of designs. Have a custom design made to your specifications, with a personal touch.

  • Minimalist

    One way to stand out from the crowd is to wear a simple, yet meaningful piece of jewellery. The minimalist jewellery is a way to express yourself your culture and heritage without being overbearing.