About Dear katiopae


Our Story 

By wearing our delicate and elegant afrominimalist jewellery, you become an ambassador of heritage and know-how back hundreds of years of multiple African cultures such as those of the Ashanti, Akan, Ewe, Bamiléké, which you are helping to preserve.

Almost all of our jewellery is handmade either entirely or partially by our artisans in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Kenya, either by the founder Aïcha in her apartment in London.


Our Values 

At Dear Katiopae, we pay particular attention to three elements:

  • Ethnic. We also thrive to perpetuate ancestral traditions and techniques through our jewelry.
  • Ethics. We collaborate in a Fairtrade with blacksmiths and other pearl manufacturers. They gain just as much as we do.
  • Ecological. The glass beads we use are made from recycled glass and also recycled brass which is a real asset for the environment