The Top Nuch shoot

The Top Nuch shoot

  • What is The Topnuch ? 

“The Topnuch is all about helping businesses with their online presence through the art of Content Marketing, Media management, branding and Creative/Art directing. 


We help you stand out, connect and look good while doing it.
It is our job to brainstorm, create and showcase for you; Leaving you time to be the boss you need to be.

We proudly prioritize Black Owned Businesses.”


  • Why did you decide to start your business?

“I Believe that building a lifestyle surrounded by Black Owned Businesses is vital to the changes that we seek.

Our common mission as a people is to reestablish the meaning of Luxury, contribute to our generational wealth and help close the racial wealth gap. 

The Topnuch is built to pass this message and to make it happen by serving, promoting and uplifting Black Owned Businesses. 

We are here to finally give the push, attention and support that you deserve.“


  • Why this campaign/Project?

In honor and promotion of The Topnuch’s launch, it was important to me that our very first project incorporated the people we aim to serve; Finding a way to showcase not just our skills but also creating a platform for other black owned brands as well.

The mission is to help promote and parade black owned as a lifestyle and not just a trend.

This photoshoot is the perfect representation of that.
We have worked hard to select an amazing team of collaborative partners/brands from all over the world!
Collectively, we built a peaceful dream land for the woman of today; wearing, enjoying and showcasing black owned everything.


  • Why did you choose these brands to work with?

Firstly, for this particular project, I personally wanted to work with a team of women entrepreneurs as a sisterhood.

Although there are so many businesses to choose from, I found myself gravitating to the ones I secretly admire .

They are unapologetically themselves and showcase our culture proudly and beautifully through their work and a huge part of me as a new business owner admirers them for it. 

So they are all in some way my role model and I am humbled that they believed and trusted my vision with their businesses for this project. 


  • What was it like working with these many brands at once?

‘It was fun!

A project and team as big as this once definitely took some time management, communication, organisational skills .

In all, we were over 20 partners from all over the world with different personalities, time zones and languages.

It was my challenging priority to make sure that every business felt heard and special. 

I have to say, working with a group that shares the same passion and drive was a great push! 

Everyone played their part, stayed in great spirit and focused on our common goal; We had a dream team." 


  • What message do you have for your audience ?

‘ 1. It's time to normalize patronizing with black owned businesses both big and small as a lifestyle.

 2. Black owned brands are here for everyone to enjoy." 


  • What's next for The Topnuch

‘  Great things!

More businesses to enhance and more fun projects to create!

I am excited for the future and waking up every day knowing that I play a very small part in helping to close the racial wealth gap for my community is huge to me.!"

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